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Job interviews split candidates into many who don’t enjoy them and are often very anxious about them and others who thrive in that arena and others who seem to take it in their stride.  


However way you look at it they do often shape the path we pursue for significant parts of our lives whether successful or not.



If we place a candidate that you formally refer, we reward you for it!


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Interviewing has evolved over time but within the job market many different companies choose different processes to assess a candidate’s suitability for their job and company culture/team fit.


So try to understand in advance what to expect.


Interviews though are very much a two way street and it is just as much about you deciding do you want to work for the company as them deciding if you are right for them.


Whatever the style of interview whether it be 1 to 1, a panel of interviewers, formal, informal or even assessment centre many of the same answers are being sought by companies to find the right candidate.

Do you know what format to expect?

A number of questions come up in almost every interview, so it’s a good idea to think through answers that put your skills and experience in a positive light and do the preparation.


• What do you know about our company?

• What relevant qualifications and experience do you have?

• Which of your previous jobs have you enjoyed most and least; and why?

• What have you done that demonstrated personal initiative?

• Where do you see yourself five years from now?

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?

• Why are you looking for a new job?

• Why do you want this particular position?

• What attracted you to this company?

• How would you describe yourself?


Many companies also ask you to talk through your CV and experience. This is a great opportunity to re-highlight your relevant experience, skills and qualifications.

Questions to Expect

A good interviewer will always give you the opportunity to ask questions. They may cover a lot of important information in their questions, but you should always consider asking one or two yourself. These may be about the role, or the company and its prospects.


• Who will I report to?

• Who will I be working with and what are their roles?

• What training and development opportunities do you offer?

• What are the prospects for promotion?

• Why has the job become available?

• When will you be making a final decision?

• Where does your company stand in any industry or sector league tables?

• Do you have any significant mergers, acquisitions or expansions planned for the short or medium term?

Questions to ask


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