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Whether you’re relatively inexperienced or have a wealth of experience, putting together a CV can be frustrating and knowing what to add and what to leave out is something we get asked about all the time.


A CV should be an easily readable snapshot of your skills experience that is directed to the role in which you are applying.


So here are a few pointers in the right direction.


Just because you know it – doesn’t mean they know you know it!


Before you start write a little of all the duties and responsibilities you have in each role, you often execute many of them in autopilot after time but they are crucial functions.  Ask yourself how do they relate to the roles I wish to apply for?



If we place a candidate that you formally refer, we reward you for it!




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In a survey, 86% of people admitted to lying on their CV. Your CV is usually used as a foundation stone of your interview and the chances are you will get caught out! We have seen many interviews unravel because of it. However, don't be shy about promoting your successes and achievements.

Be Honest

If you think about it from the recruiters/employers perspective they often receive 100's of applicant for a role.


Does your CV stand out?

Clients want to know: Can you do the job and are you the right fit for their team?

Be specific - vagueness doesn’t make you stand out!

Did you improve productivity?

Have an impact on reducing inefficiencies in cost or processes?

If so, by how much? 21%?

State facts and give examples

Make the information relevant.

What qualifications, professional memberships and level IT literacy do you possess.


If you don’t tell them, no one else will!

Add Value

What you did 10 years ago isn’t as relevant in most cases as it today.

Current job 1st – Chronological order

We started by saying it must be easily readable, so it shouldn’t be 5 pages it should ideally be 2 and use of bullet points can draw the eye to a set of information that you really need to get across.



Keep it simple

Uncomplicated and not too lengthy!

Ensure the choice of font and typeface sizing is consistent throughout.

Does an employer want a candidate without attention to detail?  No.

Presentation and length

Review your CV, ask yourself again before applying for roles, do I have the experience and skills for the role? And if you do, crucially does your CV say it!


Just because you know it – doesn’t mean they know you know it!

Before submitting your CV


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